Project news

  • 06-Sep-2018
    K. J. Erben: Prostonárodní české písně a říkadla
    Full texts (without melodies) of Erben's collection of Czech folk songs "Prostonárodní české písně a říkadla" 1862-64 has been added.
  • 27-Aug-2018
    "Similar songs" block under each song
    Automatic search of text-based similar songs is now available under each song. Songs with important keywords get hogher similarity score and are listed on top .of the list.
  • 04-Jul-2018
    New catalogue added: 748 text incipits from Poloczek: "Slovenské ľudové piesne IV" (1964)

  • 20-Jan-2018
    New feature: click "Play" to hear the melodies!
    Melodies can be played directly in the browser after click on the "Play" button. The "renderToMidi" method of the Verovio toolkit returns a MIDI file encoded in base64. The file is passed to the "JavaScript MIDI player".
  • 20-Jan-2018
    New contributors: Marcela, Kačka & Kristina
    Marcela Týfová, Kačka Janoušková and Kristina Jarošová proofread Sušil 1859 texts after the process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • 01-Nov-2017
    A new team member: Ondřej Skovajsa
    Ondřej is a new consultant and researcher of the project.
  • 13-Jan-2016
    Melodies from Oskar Kolberg: "Dzieła wszystkie" (t. 1-6) added

  • 26-Sep-2015
    Melodies from Sušil: "Moravské národní písně" added (1893 melodies)

  • 25-Sep-2015
    The system for melody search was created

  • 20-Aug-2015
    This website was launched